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Past Events

Take a look at our past events and collaboration we are providing for the Latino, Latina and LatinX Communities!

November 8, 2022

The Future is Latina

On November 8th, 2022,, alongside Urbander and Latinas in Tech, collaborated to host the Future is Latina seminar and helping spread the impact of Web 3.0 to entrepreneurs worldwide. Below is the event description and link found on the Latinas in Tech site.

With the rise of WEB3, it’s evident that the access for opportunities to participate and benefit from it is growing, especially for the ever-growing tech leadership of Latina entrepreneurs. In the past decade, Latino-owned businesses grew 44% compared to 4% of non-Latino businesses reaching over two million Latina-owned businesses across the country; reflecting a growth of more than 87% since 2007. In honor of National STEM Day, we welcome you to join us for an exciting conversation highlighting the career journeys of women in STEM, the ever-growing space of WEB3 and how our Latino entrepreneurship ecosystem can take advantage of it!


December 19th, 2022

LatinX Computer Science Educator and Professional Virtual Meetup sponsored by Cornell Tech

On December 19th, 2022,, alongside Urbander and Cornell Tech, collaborated to host the LatinX Digital Leaders Now virtual meetup and helping spread the impact of Web 3.0 to the Latino, Latina, LatinX communities. Below is the event description and link found on the Cornell Tech EventBrite Page

A Virtual networking meetup to highlight the voices and challenges of our LatinX Computer Science educators and professionals

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